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[WhiteNoise] 1st album ~ HIGH RISK, no return ~

As announced at the live in the XIX Manga Show from Barcelona, we are getting ready to record the first [ WhiteNoise ] album to be called ~ High Risk, no return ~

The launch will be on Spring 2014 ( we will record in February ) But to get the best result possible, we need your help!

Over the next few days we will launch a "crowdfunding" in And, what is this? Is a project financing system, in exchange for rewards depending on the contribution.

In our case, you can treat it as a CD pre-sale, available for 40 days. If the CD is purchased by enough people, the accumulated amount will be charged and used to record the CD and as soon as it is recorded and produced, you will receive it.

Is a reliable system used by thousands of people to subsidize their film, musical and literary projects.

Hope you can help! The more support we get, the more themes we will be able to record with better quality and more extras! With all our heart, let's take forward the best "High Risk, no Return "!

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